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Direct English Tutorial class manual Direct English conversation class manual

Direct English is more than just an English language course; it's a complete learning system for adults of all abilities and experience to use. That's why Direct English has dedicated Teaching Manuals to support the integral tutorial components of the program.

Tutorial Class Manual

Tutorials lie at the heart of the Direct English system. The Direct English philosophy suggests that adults learn best when they take responsibility for their own learning. However, the Tutor's role is crucial to provide motivation and to answer questions and resolve difficulties.

This Manual, along with the first-class training you'll receive when you join Direct English, will help you deliver strong, effective English language training to your students.

Conversation Class Manual

The conversation classes given at our Direct English training centers are not like English classes at other language schools or training centers. Our classes are part of the Direct English learning system and have been carefully planned to fit into customers' overall learning program.

Conversation classes are not 'teaching' classes, they are 'practice' classes - a chance for students to practice their developing natural conversation skills in English using a wide variety of often topical news and events.

This is just part of the support you'll receive, when you begin a teaching career with us at Direct English. With access to customer tracking software, learning management systems and professional training programs, the world's your oyster with us. Click here to contact your local Direct English Head Office to enquire about career opportunities that may exist in your country today.