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training market with Direct English

Why partner with Direct English?

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English is now the most widely taught foreign language in the world, with a projected 2 billion people across the globe learning English in the next 10-15 years.

Our unique nine-level Direct English language program offers flexible business models for licensees and a comprehensive range of business and marketing support at your fingertips. With franchising opportunities available across Malaysia & Singapore, now is your chance to join our expanding Licensee network and capitalise on the lucrative English training market for adults in Malaysia & Singapore.

What makes Direct English unique?

Based on a unique learning system developed by the world-famous English language learning expert, Louis Alexander, Direct English reflects the very latest thinking in language acquisition and is one of the most effective English language training programs available today.

Unlike so many other English language courses, it works by fitting around the learner with a step-by-step course tailored to your ability and goals. It progresses at your pace, adapts around your work and lifestyle commitments and finds the learning style you like best. It ensures you build confidence from day one and, as a result, reach your learning goals faster.

Direct English combines highly interactive bilingual materials with a program of personalised tutorials, conversation classes and even social activities. With nine levels to choose from, plus Business English, it offers more choice than any other English language training system around.

Direct English Unit Licensee business models

  • Dedicated Direct English training centers, either corporately-owned or sub-licensed
  • Program and conversion licensing - incorporating Direct English into existing centers, universities and management centers
  • In-company training
  • Government training tenders
  • Direct-to-consumer channels

The opportunity is now. Why wait?

For business and franchise related Unit Licensee opportunities across SEA AND SAARC, why not contact us today? Click here to find out more about our exciting Direct English Master Licensee opportunity, which offers all the training, business and marketing support of a global franchise, with the flexibility that an exclusive licensing agreement provides.